Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Special Gifts For The Baseball Fan
Major League Baseball has really gotten into the marketing business. Every club has its own stores selling local team paraphernalia. You can buy hats and glove, jerseys and T shirts, place mats and coffee mugs and baby toys and onesies, all sporting your favourite team logo. It is a million dollar side industry for the baseball clubs.
Recently, they have begun to hold auctions of a lot of bizarre items that the fanatical fans drool over. It you are looking for a special gift for the baseball nut in your family this Christmas, consider bidding on the following:
-A game used lineup card from the Toronto Blue Jay vs Cleveland Indians ALCS Game 2 - 10/15/16. This one of a kind item is selling for the currently high bid of $600! or

-A Corey Kluber game-worn jersey at the ALCS Game 5 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Kluber wore the jersey sitting of the bench in that game but didn’t play, so it is guaranteed not to be dirty. The current high bid is $1200. If that is too rich for your wallet how about:

-A bottle opener with the handle made from a bat used by Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs, that he broke hitting a single on 8/5/16 against Oakland. 
This gem of a gift is selling for $200.

-For the budget conscious buyer, for $200 you can buy a framed piece that includes a photo with a medallion and some actual dirt from the playing field from the 2016 ALCS and a piece of a baseball used in one of the games. Now that is going to get the heart of a baseball fan pumping. Three gifts in one!

-One of my favourite values is a bottle of dirt - yes I said a bottle of dirt - from the 2016 MLB All Star Game in San Diego for ONLY $24.99. I just keep wondering where they scraped up the dirt. Did they dig into the mound or just spoon it into the bottle from the baselines? I am sure home plate dirt would be more expensive than base path dirt, but what do I know!

-Finally, the ultimate auction item that I stumbled upon today in my gift shopping venture - a golf experience of a lifetime with MLB Hall of Famer, Reggie Jackson. This experience includes a threesome for 18 holes of golf at the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Course with Reggie Jackson. Additionally, the winning bidder will receive 2 Hotel Rooms for (1) nights stay at a nice nearby hotel. Oh, and before I forget, the current high bid for this wonderful gift is a mere $19,995.

I hope I have been helpful in providing you some unique Christmas gift ideas. Remember all 30 Major League teams have their own gift stores and auctions, so you can tailor make your gift for every fan in the family. Personally, I am wondering if I can just put some dirt from our flower bed into a bottle and design a cute little label and go into business? I may try!

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