Sunday, February 28, 2016

Most Unique Restaurant South of The Equator

Most Unique Restaurant South of The Equator

“There are hundreds of restaurants in Bangkok that serve chicken. Why do you want to compete in that market?”
“I think there is still room one for one more, but were need a gimmick to make it different from all of the others.”
“I know, we can say that the chicken is cooked with 22 herbs and spice, that’s twice what the Colonel uses.”
“Not good enough! How about if we also make some yummy corn fritters to go with the chicken and fries?”
“Maybe, but still pretty mundane.”
“Some restaurants are using coupons that give you one free chicken dinner after you have purchased ten others.”
“It’s time to start thinking outside of the box. We need to get creative and do something radically different!”
“What are you suggesting?”
“How about if we throw a cooked chicken up in the air, catch it in a plate and then take it directly to the table that ordered it.”
“Instead of throwing it, why don’t we shoot it out of a cannon?”
“Too noisy, but how about using a catapult?”
“Now we are getting somewhere! Why not shoot the chicken out of a catapult and then catch in on a plate?”
“Great idea, but instead of just catching it on a plate, lets have the waiter catch it while riding a unicycle?”
“Whoee! Now we’re really cooking! I think we can really get people excited if the waiter caught the chicken on a spiked helmut while riding the unicycle up a ramp after it was launched from the catapult.”  

And that my dear readers is my speculation of how the famous Flying Chicken Restaurant in Bangkok was born. In our last night in Bangkok this was where we ate our family dinner and it was a hoot. It was like dining in a circus tent kitchen where anything goes. 

The food was average, but the kitsch was unique. If you order flying chicken on the menu, your chicken is shot into the air, caught on the spiked helmut of a unicycle riding waiter and delivered to your table in an upright posture with a flag stuck in its head. You won’t get served like that anywhere else in the world.

To add to the festivities the restaurant allows adults and children to “catch” a chicken just like the waiters if they choose. You can join in to sing karaoke to the patrons or you can reserve a family karaoke room for a private party. 

To say we dined in the most unique restaurant south of the equator cannot be challenged. Without a doubt, for uniqueness, it even transcends Bangkok’s Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant which we also visited, but that is another story. Once you have eaten flying chicken you will have a hard time settling for ordinary chicken in a box

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